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Manufacturing is considered as one of the most important industries in the world, because it plays a major role in almost any market. This sector paves the road for many other industries, including agriculture, automotive, and more. Today, more global economies are becoming part of the manufacturing sector.

The global manufacturing sector generates about $12 trillion in annual revenue, according to the UN. Some of the top manufacturing countries are China, US, Japan, Germany, South Korea, India, Italy, France, and the UK. Manufacturing sector is experiencing a massive growth in various areas of the world, especially in India and China. Growth drivers include rapid industrialization in the developing world, along with the use of technology to improve products and supply chains.

Einstro has a team of experts providing consultancy services in Procuring raw materials, machineries and supply qualified manpower to achieve the maximum efficiency in production and quality.

We deliver in the following areas:

  • Engineering, Fabrication & Assembly.
  • Production planning, Production control and operations.
  • Process and Maintenance
  • Quality control.
  • Purchase,Supply Chain and logistics.
  • ISO, OHSAS etc.

Einstro Support its customers in the following manufacturing categories but not limited to

  • Electronic & Electrical Equipment.
  • Industrial & Commercial Machinery.
  • Printing & Publishing.
  • Leather & Apparel .
  • Plastics & Rubber.
  • Paper, Cements.
  • Wood & Furniture.
  • Glass & Ceramics.
  • Construction Materials.
  • Einstro is a global provider of Workforce Solutions, Technology, Engineering & Technical, Outsourcing, Training and Trading.

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